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Local Talent Becoming Rising Stars​ by Scott Rains (December 15, 2017; review of Dave's Christmas show). Click here to read!

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Right Here (2017)

"Witty, sharp, and tuned into the moment... A matured artist whose fire of youth still burns, but is tempered by experience."  ​- ​Lawton Constitution

Analog Soul (2015)

After a year which saw more doctor appointments than shows, Dave is committed to playing live as much as possible in 2020. Several shows and Open Mic appearances have already been added, and more are coming soon.

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While Dave recuperates, he has continued working on his next album, Wanderlust, due in 2020. Dave's writing has moved away from affairs of the heart, and back to the story songs which were the staples of his earlier work.
Wanderlust will be produced by Dave's longtime friend and former bandmate, Mark Minervino, and will be recorded jointly between their studios in Oklahoma and Maine.
Dave plans to resume live shows as soon as his health permits, and to make up for lost time. He's also hoping to do an East Coast tour in the summer of 2021. "For years, I've been telling people who thought they were too old to do stuff that Colonel Sanders didn't sell his first bucket of chicken until he was in his 60s," says Dave, who will turn 60 next August. "I need to start frying some chicken."



It's Not About You (Single, 2016)
Thunderchild Live 1978 (Dave's high school garage band!)

"If I was putting a band together and going back on the road, ​Dave Laurence would be the first person I'd call." 
​- Jimmy Jack Whitaker, USAGEM Entertainer of the Year


After a busy 2018 which featured performances from Mexico to Maine, health issues have kept Dave off stage for nearly all of 2019. Thankfully, none of these issues have been life-threatening, but they have been life-changing. Dave doesn't like talking about it ("because there are a lot of folks who are worse off than I am," he says), but there has been enough concern among fans and friends that he feels some sort of explanation is warranted.

Early in 2019, Dave became dizzy and nauseous, and the usual home remedies didn't help. He went to the ER after narrowly avoiding an automobile accident, and a litany of tests uncovered potential heart issues. Dave had an angiogram in April, and it was determined that the blockage was minor enough to treat with medication instead of surgery.
In early August, the dizzy spells returned, became more frequent, and then almost constant. After visits with several specialists, Dave was diagnosed with a form of vertigo that originates in the brain. While it is treatable, there is no cure. Doctors also discovered that Dave has suffered a 30% hearing loss in both ears, which he attributes solely to being too proud to wear earplugs while playing in all those loud bands in the 1970s and 1980s.

Additionally, Dave is now dealing with tinnitus. "Yeah, it's annoying. It's 24/7."

At this writing, Dave has begun a rigorous schedule of physical therapy. The treatment is designed to help other parts of the brain compensate for the part where balance functions have failed. Dave remains optimistic that he'll be able to resume live performances in the spring of 2020, and is "beyond grateful" for everyone's prayers, thoughts, and support.