KMGZ and Today's Best Soundemonium present Virtual Soundemonium Fest, a series of live online shows to assist local musicians and the venues that support them. Your tips will be split between the artist and a venue of their choosing.

"Witty, sharp, and tuned into the moment... A matured artist whose fire of youth still burns, but is tempered by experience."  ​- ​Lawton Constitution


"If I was putting a band together and going back on the road, ​Dave Laurence would be the first person I'd call." 
​- Jimmy Jack Whitaker, USAGEM Entertainer of the Year

Dave will stream a live performance from his home studio this Saturday at 5 PM CDT (6 PM EDT, 10 PM GMT). The show will be broadcast from his Facebook Musician page. Tips will be accepted via Venmo or PayPal, and will be split with Robinson's Landing in Lawton to help their staff until the current crisis passes and business resumes.

Dave would like to thank Magic 95 and Scott Rains for organizing this event, and encourages you to follow and support ALL the musicians and venues taking part in Virtual Soundemonium Fest. Be sure to use the hashtag #VirtualSoundemoniumFest to share and follow on your social media!

Venmo: @Dave_Laurence (Underscore, not dash!)