Lay Your Burdens On Down
Words and Music by Dave Laurence • From the album Right Here

With the rising sun
Came the dawning of your new eternal day.
All at once, you’re young,
Singing with the angels as they carry you away.
Your pain is over and your tears have all been dried,
But I still feel a bit of emptiness inside.

I watched your garden grow,
Watched you plant and water, weed and wait for fall.
You learn it as you go,
Plow the bad back under, share the good with all.
So many lessons we learned in our back yard,
Life isn’t easy, but it’s really not that hard.
Give thanks above, do what you love,
and lay your burdens on down.

In those times you fall,
Ask forgiveness and then carry on your way.
It happens to us all,
Try to make tomorrow better than today.
There’s no competition to be the better man,
when the best that you can do is to do the best you can.
And give thanks above, do what you love,
Lay your burdens on down.

The good and faithful servant has gone to his reward,
I can never pay him back, but I can pay it forward.

You know I miss you, Dad,
Just a little more each and every day.
But how can I be sad,
With all the things you left to help me on my way?
I may shed a tear every now and then,
But I’ll keep you close to me until we meet again,
And give thanks above, do what I love,
Lay my burdens on down.

Give thanks above, do what you love,
and lay your burdens on down.

​©2017 David L. Laurence (BMI). Used by permission. All rights reserved.