Maybe My Work Here Is Done
Words and Music by Dave Laurence • From the album Right Here

I was a young man with ideals, and a future away from the fields
that my Daddy left when he died in ninety four.
I never cared much for the farm, but the family would come to harm
if we didn’t keep it going like we did before.
We always did what we could to survive,
so I traded my briefcase in for a scythe.

Ever since I was seven or eight, I started planning my escape
from the Beckham County farm where I was born.
It didn’t go the way I planned, so we held on to the land,
It worked for a while but the years have left me worn.
The tough get going when the going gets tough,
But twenty two years has been long enough,
It’s gritty and rough and it never has been any fun,
and I’m starting to think, maybe my work here is done.

I used to dream of concrete canyons and intellectual companions,
Even as I plowed this field, I planned to depart.
Now I realize profoundly, as it withers all around me,
I still have time but I don’t know where to start.

Now the family’s grown and gone, packed it up and moved it on,
The way I wish I had back in the day.
I thought that one might stay around, but the dry and dusty ground
from the drought of twenty twelve drove him away.
Completing the task is the measure of a man,
But I won’t die with this scythe in my hand,
I worked the land and the land worked me and it won,
Now I’m looking around, maybe my work here is done.

Now I lay me down, baby, my work here is done.

©2016 David L. Laurence (BMI). Used by permission. All rights reserved.


Miles And Miles Away
Words and Music by Dave Laurence • From the album Every Lonesome Road

I love to talk to her, I love it when she comes around,
Whenever I want to see her, it takes two days to track her down.
I’m crazy for this girl; I’ve found the oyster but there’s no pearl,
She’s hiding out in her own little world,
Miles and miles away.

She’s been falling under, she’s been on the losing side,
I make her laugh and I wonder if I know how to turn the tide.
‘Cause I’ve got a heart to lend, that maybe she’d take if I knew how to send,
Or maybe I’m just a foul-weather friend,
Miles and miles away.

She’s got a picture and some words I wrote,
Note for note in a dream that made me sad.
I thought I had her heart, we’d made it through the hardest part,
I reached for her and awoke with a start,
Miles and miles away.

She needs to be alone, she needs two feet on the ground,
That’s what she says in a warm tone that leaves me without a sound.
I’m not convinced it’s true, but it’s not my heart so what else can I do?
I hate where I’m standing but I love the view,
from miles and miles away.

I wonder if she knows, I wonder if she’s got a clue,
‘Cause I try to not let it show, I don’t know what she would do.
But I’m gonna find out soon, if what I feel is a bust or a boon,
Or are these words for the sake of a tune,
Miles and miles away?

It’s not my style to keep it all inside,
Still I hide all the things I just can’t say.
Heart, find a way, be strong,
The worst that could happen is I could be wrong.
And if she goes, she’ll be hearing this song,
Miles and miles away.

And if she goes, she’ll be hearing this song,
Miles and miles away.

 ©1993 David L. Laurence (BMI). Used by permission. All rights reserved