The One Thing
Words and Music by Dave Laurence • From the album Analog Soul

I miss your voice in the morning, and the way you’d start my day,
I miss the moments that we stole.
I miss your tender kisses and the silly things you’d say,
I miss your arms around my soul.
I miss the hours with you that seemed to never end,
I miss being your best friend.
I miss almost everything we used to say and do,
The one thing I don’t really miss is you.
I need to stop pretending that what we had was real,
I need to wish it could be so.
I need to keep remembering the way you made me feel,
I need to learn to let it go.
I need to be with someone who stays when times get rough,
I need a love where I’m enough.
I need to feel like I did before you proved untrue,
The one thing I don’t really need is you.
How many times did we try and fail?
How many times did the hurt prevail?
How many times did we shed a tear?
So many things are cloudy but my conscience now is clear,
That’s why I spend the energy on a song you’ll never hear.
I’d love to see you one more time and melt before your smile,
I’d love to know that you’re okay.
I’d love to hear you call my name and ask to stay a while,
I’d love to turn and walk away.
I’d love to make you see what you’ve done to this man,
I’d love to know you understand.
I’d love to forget about you and simply start anew,
The one thing I don’t really love,
No, wait, that’s not true,
How could I still be so in love with you?

​©2014 David L. Laurence (BMI). Used by permission. All rights reserved.