Seventeen Summers
Words and Music by Dave Laurence • From the album Every Lonesome Road

When the nights get warm and the days get hot, I go back to a time that I miss a lot.
Raising hell and not getting caught, just my friends and I ready to play.
We were young and cocky and bold, we knew it all and we’d tell you so.
But we were happy with the status quo, we’d save the world some other day.
We’d go to the beach, throw ambition away,
While we watched the nighttime turn into day,
Hangin’ out on the pier from May to September,
Watchin’ the girls come and go.
It’s a time we thought would last forever,
Seventeen summers ago.

Well, the nights were warm and the girls were hot, I can think of one who put me on the spot.
Found out what I knew wasn’t really a lot, but she was willing to show me how.
We went to the amusement park, I was ready to burn and she was the spark,
Rockin’ the Tilt-A-Whirl long after dark, singing ‘how do you like me now?”
I’ll be damned if I remember her name,
But I’ll never forget the feeling that came,
Makin’ out on the pier from May to September,
Learning what I didn’t know.
With some girl I swore I’d always remember,
Seventeen summers ago.

The falling leaves had turned to snow,
We grew up, split up, said goodbye.
We’d get together at the holidays
to remember the summer gone by.
But as the storm came in from the coast,
We embraced and let it all go,
While we watched the pier crumble under the waves
Sixteen winters ago.

It’s been years since I thought about this, I’ve been too busy living to reminisce.
‘Til someone walked up and gave me a kiss while I was waiting to catch my flight.
I looked at her and said ‘hey, you’re the girl,’ she said ‘yeah, that was me on the Tilt-A-Whirl.’
And it all came back from that long lost world, the magic of old summer nights.
I tried not to laugh at the things we did
While she showed me the photo of her hubby and kids,
Taken out on the pier one day last September,
It looks like it did long ago.
And today I smile every time I remember
Seventeen summers ago.

Yeah, sometimes I wish that I could go back there,
Seventeen summers ago.

©1997 David L. Laurence (BMI). Used by permission. All rights reserved.