March 22, 2018

Hey, everyone! I wanted to update you on the status of my recovery from recent ailments, and let you know what's coming for the remainder of 2018.

In case you missed it, I was felled by the flu (is there anyone who wasn't this winter?) at the end of a successful cruise to Mexico with the Jimmy Jack Foundation. Recovery from that took most of February. As soon as I was back on my feet, I was told that I would need oral surgery. This was due to an infection which would have put me at some risk of a stroke if treatment was delayed. I HATE cancelling shows, but was left with no choice. I went under the knife on March 9, and am happy to report that I'm recovering well. Unfortunately, it's still going to be about another month before I'm sufficiently healed to resume live performances.

The timing involved with my winter maladies caused me to miss opportunities for some big shows this summer. I'm disappointed, but I believe doors will open where some have closed. In the meantime, I've been maintaining a good rehearsal schedule and working on some improvements to my home studio, which will be rather busy during those times I'm not playing live.

If you made it to my most recent shows, you heard a new tune called Red Dirt Refugee. I will be releasing this song as a single in early summer. I'm also working on a new album called Wanderlust, due at the end of this year. For both projects, I'm turning the production reins over to my old friend and former bandmate, Mark Minervino. The logistics will be interesting, since he's in Maine and I'm in Oklahoma! But we've been looking forward to working together again for some time, and I'm already confident that the results will reflect that.

I plan to play live as often as possible as soon as I'm healed. Keep an eye on my schedule page and subscribe to my social media to stay up to date! I'll be headed home to Maine this September and could use a couple of shows on the way out and back. Drop me a line if you can help!

Finally, thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and continued support while I've been on the mend. I look forward to playing and singing for you again soon!

Warmest regards,