July 25, 2018

Hello, friends - it's time for an update!

Although I've been a little out of the public eye, I've been keeping busy! There's been studio work, a sweet new resonator guitar, and I've been working some new material into the live show.

Two things with regard to the studio work. First, I've decided not to release Red Dirt Refugee as an independent single, at least for now. The track will definitely be included on the Wanderlust album next year, and you'll continue to hear me play it live.
Second, after several years of teasing, there WILL be a holiday EP this year! The project will be called Bayberry Candles, and will contain a few original holiday tunes alongside some traditional Christmas fare. I anticipate a November release and will keep you posted.

The most exciting news on the horizon is that I'll be back out on the road in September! While the primary purpose of the trip is a return to Maine for a class reunion, I've booked some shows and am planning some local open mic appearances along the way. At this writing, stops are planned in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, and I'm hoping that things work out so that I'm able to play in Maine during the short time I'll be there.

The trip itself is long overdue and will be fun. I'll be reconnecting with some friends I haven't seen in decades! Additionally, some of my best songs have come to me behind the wheel of a car, and I'm looking forward to making more of that happen. As if that wasn't enough, the foodies among you (you know who you are!) will enjoy a couple of surprise stops I have planned. Throughout this short tour, I expect to be sharing some live video via my Facebook musician page. Make sure you hop over there and give the page a LIKE so that you don't miss out on any of the fun!

I have a few local shows booked to warm up for the trip East. Check the Schedule page to stay up to date.