Mark Minervino, Dave Laurence, Sam Anderson, and Greg Foss. South Portland, ME, September 2018

  • Next To You4:09
  • First Train Home3:16
  • The Death of Phantom Stallion3:56
  • Street Corner Lady2:50
  • Onolyae7:06
  • Libby's Song4:19
  • The Kingdom6:16
  • Touch the Sky7:19
  • Feel So Down/Journey to Forever10:11
  • Show Me to the Stage5:46

Clockwise from upper left:
SAM ANDERSON Rhythm guitars, vocals
JEFF MORTON Percussion, vocals
MARK MINERVINO Drums, vocals
JIM ANDERSON Lead guitars, vocals
DAVE LAURENCE Bass, vocals


1. NEXT TO YOU (4:09)  Written by Sam Anderson  Lead Vocal: Sam Anderson 
2. FIRST TRAIN HOME (3:16)  Written by Sam Anderson, Jim Anderson,  Mark Minervino and Dave Laurence  Lead Vocal:  Sam Anderson
3. THE DEATH OF PHANTOM STALLION  (3:56) (Instrumental)  Written by Sam Anderson, Jim Anderson,  Mark Minervino and Dave Laurence
4. STREET CORNER LADY (2:50)  Written by Jim Anderson, Dave Laurence,  and Sam Anderson  Lead Vocal: Jim Anderson 
5. ONOLYAE (7:06)  Written by Mark Minervino and Doug Bromley  Lead Vocal: Dave Laurence
6. LIBBY’S SONG (4:19)  Traditional; arranged by Jim Anderson  Lead Vocal: Jim Anderson
7. THE KINGDOM (6:16)  Written by Mark Minervino and Dave Laurence  Lead Vocal: Mark Minervino
8. TOUCH THE SKY (7:19)  Written by Sam Anderson  Lead Vocal: Sam Anderson
FEEL SO DOWN Written by Sam Anderson Lead Vocal: Sam Anderson 
 JOURNEY TO FOREVER  Written by Dave Laurence, Mark Minervino, Sam Anderson, and Jim Anderson ​ Lead Vocal: Mark Minervino

BONUS TRACK: SHOW ME TO THE STAGE (5:46) Written by Sam Anderson and Mark Minervino  ​Lead Vocals: Sam Anderson and Mark Minervino

Recorded Live November 3, 1978 at Gorham High School, Gorham, Maine 
Bonus Track “Show Me To The Stage” Recorded in Rehearsal June 1978 
Live Recording Engineer: Greg Foss 
Remastered by Mark Minervino at MKM Studios, Cary, North Carolina, Summer 2013 

​Cover Art: Mark Minervino

​- - -

​Many of us who grew up in the 1970s are fortunate to still have some photographs and a few mementos from our formative years. I’m even luckier. I have an original soundtrack.

Borne of good friends and fellow musicians in 1977, Thunderchild was the quintessential high school garage band. Our town was South Portland, Maine, but there was probably a band just like us where you grew up. In my opinion, there are two things that set Thunderchild apart. First was the songwriting ability that developed among all the band members at such a young age. Second, and most important, are the friendships that have remained through the years among the band members, close associates, and fans.

The passage of time allows perspective, and I was thrilled when Mark Minervino brought up the idea of taking these recordings public after all these years. What is presented here is enthusiasm and honesty, captured through one single unforgiving microphone onto a reel-to-reel tape deck. There’s nothing pretentious, and nobody was trying to be a star. We were simply a bunch of high school kids writing and performing music - pretty good music, if I say so myself.

I remember that, not long after this was recorded, we actually copied some of these songs onto an 8-track tape so we could listen to it in our cars! Thanks to Mark’s expertise as a producer, this album sounds nothing at all like that 8-track. He has made these recordings suitable for 21st century media without sacrificing the raw feel that remains true to the way we played. Sam Anderson’s input and assistance were invaluable, and I’m happy to help present it to you, not unlike me hauling the band around in that 1969 Dodge van back in the day. 

Here, then, is Thunderchild 1978, a fond look back at a bygone era. The band was never the Next Big Thing, but those two years were some of the best times of our lives. Happiness beats fame, and we hope you find a little happiness here. 

Dave Laurence, Oklahoma City
October 2013


September 7, 2018 - South Portland, Maine
​L to R: Mark Minervino, Dave Laurence,
​Sam Anderson, Greg Foss

Has it really been 40 years?

On November 3, 1978, Dave's high school garage band,Thunderchild,
recorded the live album presented below.
Click the Play button above the track listing to enjoy a blast from the past!

October 29, 1978 - Augusta, Maine
​L to R: Dave Laurence, Mark Minervino, Jeff Morton,
​Sam Anderson, Jim Anderson